Butt lift augmentation – Brazilian butt lift

Buttock lift is the only option for correcting sagging skin on the buttocks. It can be combined with implant placement and liposuction.

Before the Brazilian butt lift, the necessary preoperative examination is performed with the person concerned fasting. This is followed by surgery with general anesthesia, or local and sedation when possible. The choices of the Brazilian butt lift technique are many and are proportionate to the indications. Butt lift can be combined with:

  • autologous fat placement
  • placement of prostheses which i highly discourage
  • liposuction

The patient stays in the clinic overnight, and the next day leaves with instructions. After 7 days, the patient can sit down. In 15 days she returns to her / his activities. The sutures are intradermal and absorbable. Exercise is allowed after the first month. Complete recovery occurs in a month.

Brazilian butt lift is the only option for correcting sagging skin on the buttocks. It can be combined with implant placement (which i discourage) and liposuction. The Plastic Surgeon must have the appropriate experience for the correct planning of the operation, after discussing with the person concerned his / her expectations, but also the presence of the incisions – scars. The Brazilian butt lift is a surgery of medium severity and duration that is increasingly performed in recent years in Plastic Surgery, with satisfactory results for the person concerned.

You ask, we answer …

Each butt lift technique results in a different scar. For great relaxation, especially after a lot of weight loss, the scar is hidden inside the underwear, and is perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the torso (it can be part of the rounder abdominoplasty). In cases where not much skin and subcutaneous fat removal is required, the scar is hidden between the buttocks (interglottic groove). There are also cases where only the lower part of the skin of the buttocks can be removed, the so-called banana removal.

In cases where we have a small loss of muscle mass or slight relaxation, we can correct the fall of the buttocks by placing implants (prostheses of silicone, fat or hyaluronic – Macrolane), without removing the skin. In all other cases, we combine the augmentation of the buttocks with the placement of the implants, when the person concerned wants more volume in the buttocks. I strongly advise againt this combination and feel more comfortable with autologous fat grafting as there are less complications. 

Skin sagging is not corrected with exercise. In other words, the skin does not work out. The skin may be attached to the underlying muscular system, which may help to tighten it a little, but it is not enough.

Side effects are usually limited to healing problems when it comes to extensive incisions, which are easily treated. Other possible side effects are hematoma, inflammation, etc.

The results in butt lift are permanent, provided the body weight is kept constant.

Is Brazilian butt lift dangerous

The answer in short is yes it can be very risky especially in the case that an undertrained surgeon performs this operation.

The postmortem findings from the deceased patients showed two common causes of death following a BBL: 1) fat within and beneath the gluteal muscles, and 2) massive fat emboli. The findings were consistent with the typical risks associated with the intramuscular fat grafting technique.

Intramuscular fat injection is one method that plastic surgeons employ along with the superficial administration of fat during BBL. While it is mostly done to ensure that there is a higher chance of fat survival, it requires a precise and careful application. Anatomically, important nerves and blood vessels pass through the gluteal region. Thus, injecting the cannula deep into the muscles can hit these major structures and cause injury and complication. It can even lead to a heart or pulmonary fat embolism (PFE) that can become deadly if not treated immediately. Fat embolism results when the grafted fat is injected into the bloodstream, obstructing the major blood vessels of the heart or the lungs.

Thus i strongly recommend that the augmentation take place with suprafascial placement of fat in 3D fashion and thats what lessens the risks significantly.

Buttock lift and augmentation


Recovery time
7 – 15 weeks