Breast reduction

Breast reduction is the surgery that reduces the size of the breasts and straightens them. It is applied to women who have the problem of large breasts either due to obesity or for hormonal reasons.

About breast reduction

In addition to the aesthetic problem, women with macromastia or large breasts experience health problems caused by increased breast weight, such as cervical syndrome, back and chest pain, and even respiratory problems. General anesthesia is required for breast reduction. The scars are usually inverted “T” or only one vertical incision in combination with a peritoneal scar. The required amount of mammary gland is removed so that the breast is reduced to the desired size and its elevation is achieved in the new, ideal position.

Techniques and incisions beyond the classic inverted T or anchor technique are techniques that can not greatly lift a sagging breast. So, there are techniques for reducing the breast that result in a single vertical incision but I emphasize that either the lolipop incision or the J incision are not enough to give a satisfactory shape to a large sagging breast.

The operation

Breast reduction lasts 2-3 hours and the patient usually stays in hospital for 1 day. Postoperatively, an elastic bandage of the breasts is applied, which is replaced by a special bra for a period of one month. For this first month it is important for the patient to pay attention and follow the instructions given to her faithfully, while after the end of the month she can gradually return to her normal activities.

Breast reduction is an operation that improves in addition to the patient’s appearance and her quality of life, since large breasts often cause functional problems. As with breast augmentation, it is recommended that a mammogram be performed before surgery to rule out other breast pathology. Although breast reduction does not affect future pregnancies, it is recommended when this can be done after pregnancy which normally causes the breasts to increase in size and sag.

Reduction in combination with restoration of anisomastia and simultaneous breast augmentation

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Breast reduction

2-3 hours

Recovery time
3-4 weeks