Cellulite Celluerase

Up to recently there was no specific treatment for cellulite but nowadays we have celluerase.  We will delineate its role later on. Cellulite is a chronic degenerative process of subcutaneous fat, which causes changes in the texture of the skin. The high frequency in the young female population and the fact that it affects even athletes, models and obese people makes cellulite one of the most important goals of medical aesthetic treatments. 

The uncertain pathophysiological cause and the myriads of proposed treatments (medical and non-medical) have created great confusion for this and there are therapeutic failures. It occurs in 85 – 90% of women over 20 years.

According to Nurnberger and Muller, cellulite is classified as follows:

1. No change in the surface of the skin.
2. The skin of the affected area is smooth while the person is upright or lying down, but changes in the surface of the skin may become visible after a skin bite or muscle contraction.
3. The texture of orange peel is obvious in the upright position, without the contraction of the muscles.
4. The change described in the second gradient is present in combination with affected (elevated) areas and nodules.

It starts in adolescence (Caucasians >>> Asians). The severity of cellulite increases with age. Loosening of the skin and localized obesity play an important role in the appearance or adaptation of cellulite. It is usually presented as a rounded, oval and linear lesion that varies in shape and number, while the surface is introverted.

There is now the possibility of a minimally invasive solution. Celluerase treatment virtually eliminates the image of orange peel. The procedure is simple performed in the doctor’s office under local anesthesia. Recovery time is negligible but there is a limit to sun exposure. Bruises usually go away in a few days but earlier exposure to the sun may cause discoloration of the skin.

Celluerase Treatment for Cellulite

CelluErase aims to treat and repair fibrotic skin lesions. Female patients with cellulite present the characteristic skin image, which resembles orange peel.

Substantial reduction of the fibers is observed with the consequence that the skin covering the disputed area is deepened (enters inwards), thus creating the local impressions. A microsurgical handle with a flattened knife at its free end is the tool of choice.

With the help of a lens with strong lighting and angle, the areas are selected. Then with a marker, the deliberate lesions (dents) are delimited.

Local anesthesia is then given with xylocaine and possibly a mixture of adrenaline to minimize the possibility of microbleeding in the area.

With gentle rotational movements, the fibers resulting from the change in the network of connective tissue strands, which connect the dermis to the underlying tissues, are cut. With this process the skin regains its texture. At the same time, there is an improvement in microcirculation.

It is necessary to cover with topical use of an antibiotic preparation and it is advisable to avoid exposure to sunlight, or exposure to artificial tanning agents (solarium). Possible small bruises that may occur after the end of treatment, usually disappear within the next few days.

CelluErase Cellulite Treatment is a brand new treatment that is the most effective in combating cellulite. Impressive results are achieved with a single session, no repetitions are required and the pain is zero!




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